Introducing the Cutting-Edge Partnership: TechMantra Global and 1Life Healthcare

In an era of transformative technological advancements, TechMantra Global and 1Life Healthcare have united their expertise in a groundbreaking partnership that transcends conventional healthcare paradigms. This innovative collaboration seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies, including Hospital ERP, Hospital Information System (HIS), Diagnostic Lab and Imaging Platforms, Medical IoT, Health Screening devices, Smart Health Kiosks, Remote Patient Monitoring, Wearables, Cloud Infrastructure for Healthcare platforms, Data Architecture, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A Shared Vision for Healthcare Excellence

TechMantra Global’s prowess in deploying Hospital ERP and HIS solutions synergizes perfectly with 1Life Healthcare’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional medical care. By interconnecting various healthcare entities with the Hospital ERP, the partnership ensures smooth operations and effective patient management across Delivery Centres in prominent locations such as UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, and Saudi Arabia.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:


Patient Engagement  

Embeddable appointment booking, video consultation, medical IoT kiosks, Remote monitoring, secure messaging and patient health record platform. Established APIs with EMR platforms.  

Healthcare ERP 

Multi-site and level of care from primary to tertiary including Finance, HR, Procurement, Inventory, Bed management, Pharmacy and outpatient modules.

Diagnostic Imaging

Vendor Neutral Archive with multi center worklists with zero footprint image viewer, web reporting with templates and ready with AI toolkit.


Population Health 

Population health analytics enabled while maintaining longitudinal patient health records linked to notification tools for active health management.

Lab Information System 

Complete value chain of web packages, appointments, collection centers, satellite and central lab data management locally and cloud.


 Health Outcomes  

Measurable health outcomes across the value chain involving Regulators, Payors, Providers, Pharma and Med tech industry and always involving the patients through engagement solutions. 

Together, TechMantra Global and 1Life Healthcare are embarking on a transformative journey that will empower patients, enhance medical practices, and ultimately, contribute to healthier, happier lives for all. The future of healthcare has arrived – and it’s powered by the synergy of TechMantra Global and 1Life Healthcare.