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Businesses across the world are moving towards solutions powered by cloud at an exponential rate: Azure Tools. These solutions are redefining businesses’ success and paving ways to how they do their business. Cloud-enabled enterprise applications help secure and scale the businesses to new heights. Currently, at least 95% of companies are using Microsoft Azure to assist their business model to roaring success. Azure provides efficiency in building, deploying, and solving from simple to complex applications problems. You can now choose from a variety of Azure tools; they offer various programming languages, databases and a variety of operating systems, giving enterprises the authority to leverage the right tool and technology.


An enterprise can choose from Azure marketplace that has over 3000 services. Additionally, companies such as TechMantra make the process of deciding which Azure services are best for your organisation and will achieve business goals, making the entire process less cumbersome. With Azure, you can choose from several products such as API apps, Web applications, Azure Active Directory, etc. Azure is backed by Microsoft, making the process of utilising the products more reliable. With services such as Webapps, businesses can now group multiple machine learning and Azure services.  

IaaS & PaaS

Azure allows any organisation to enable easy methodology to serve their clients and staff. It also allows the organisation to create quicker applications and deploy them with ease. With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) organisations have power to outsource their entire technical infrastructure on Azure. However, businesses only pay for what they use, which makes it a cost effective solution. Moreover, Azure provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) that gives users the authority to create their web apps without doing any underlying ground work necessary for the solutions. 


TechMantra, a Microsoft partner, helps to make the entire process of onboarding on Azure easier for enterprises. You can leverage Azure and build a community based on growth. With Azure migration tools, enterprises also get unprecedented security because it has been designed on Security Development Lifecycle. Data is safe and secure on the Azure system. Azure cloud migration offers the best compliance coverage to its clients. It is certified by ISO 27018 and is first of its kind. Azure tools give international standards of privacy coverage, making it Microsoft’s most trusted and reliable. 


Azure helps to build applications that can easily adapt to millions of users without making any additional codes. In addition, it gives business storing capacity which are strong and secure. They can be serviced over cloud and provide simpler ways to use the application. Azure also gives its users connections which are unique, hybrid and unmatched. Users can switch from on-premise to public cloud with easy mobility. To improve performance, it provides a broad range of services including VPNs, caches and express routes. 

These tools are effectively integrated with Microsoft and its tools, allowing efficient mobility with Office 365, Sharepoint etc. Azure uses the same on premise platform such as Windows.

Furthermore, it also facilitates SQL, allowing enterprises to dive deep into their data sets and improve machine learning. It is the only platform that offers businesses Blockchain as a service (BaaS), Cognitive APIs and Machine Learning capabilities. 


Azure runs on programming languages which are familiar to consultants and can help develop cloud native applications with ease. It also gives its users the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go model. With companies like Techmantra Global, enterprises get better flexibility in the payment as well. Therefore, one of the major plus points of Azure, is that it allows applications to be built on various internet protocols. 

Choose Azure, Choose power. 

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