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Business Intelligence

Make Better Decision With Business Intelligence

Business intelligence involves using software and services to turn business data into actionable insights which improve an organization’s decisions. Bi tools access and analyze the activities and data of a business and present its findings in the form of reports, summaries, dashboards, charts, graphs and maps. The findings, in turn, reveals the current state of the establishment.

Business intelligence involves the collection, storage and analysis of data derived from a company’s operations to optimize its performance. It gives such company a comprehensive and amplified view of its business strengths and flaws – making them make wiser choices.

As an organization, you always strive to improve your business services and operations. However, making decisions on the aspect of your business you need to review or replace may be difficult. Such a decision-making process can leave you in a tight spot or worse, make your business lose its value if the wrong choices are made.

How Business Intelligence Solutions give Organizations Competitive edge?

With business intelligence, you can easily get access to the present and historical data within your business context. These data allow you to track your success and shortcomings over-time.

A professional business intelligence analyst provides insights into competitors’ performance and benchmark, which can make your business run more efficiently and smoothly. BI tools can be used to spot the market trends you need to leverage on to boost sales and revenue.

In a nutshell, business intelligence gives you an advantage by:

Analyzing changes in customer behavior

Tracking business performance over-time

Identifying new ways to increase profit

Spotting market trends

Identifying issues or problems

How Business Intelligence Solutions give Organizations Competitive edge?

At TechMantra, we believe a powerful business intelligence strategy goes beyond providing accurate information about an organization’s activities. It’s about presenting the needed insights at the right time and at the right place – judging from the multiple devices used today.

Our impeccable BI Solutions includes:

Providing accurate data of an organization’s activities in real-time

Giving businesses insights on its competitor’s performance and activities.

Interpreting the data derived from BI tools and providing advice on how to improve sales.

If you need real-time information about your business performance and how to improve the efficiency and experience of your business activities, we got you.

Our Business Intelligence System includes:

Data Mining

Using a database, machine learning and statistics to discover trends in large datasets.

Descriptive analytics

Using preliminary data analysis to provide answers to inquiries.


providing data analysis and findings to stakeholders so they can conclude and decide on what to do.

Performance metrics and benchmarking

Comparing recent data performance to previous ones to track business efficiency overtime using customized dashboards.


Preparing questionnaires/checklists and using BI tools to get the answers.

Data Visualization

Promote better understanding by turning data analysis into visual representations like graphs, charts, and histograms.

Statistical Analysis

Using the results from descriptive analysis to create statistical interpretation showing what happened and why.

Visual analysis

Interpreting data using visual storytelling for better communication of insights.

Data preparation

Collecting multiple data sources, recognizing the measurements and dimensions, and preparing it for data analysis.

We partner with robust BI technology vendors so we can provide you with the BI reporting solution that best suits your needs.

Why we stand out

At TechMantra, we are committed to promoting business growth and efficiency using the power of data. We collect, process, interpret and visualize the data collected from your business activities and processes. With our BI services, you can make faster and smarter decisions at every stage of your business journey.

TechMantra is revered for its

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Our BI solution experts provide powerful insights which promote better decision making for clients. We are proud to have over 20+ satisfied clients.

Long-standing Practice

Our services have influenced the growth of several businesses since we started our operations. We optimized key processes and asset management of many companies with Power BI.

Rich Experience

With over 5 years in the industry, we have completed 20+ projects and have provided a solution to 10+ complex cases.

Accurate Interpretation

Our robust experience in the industry has made us masters in terms of data interpretation and visualization. Also, we understand how customer interaction affects business growth, revenue and other outcomes.

Potent investment advice

We confidently provide investment advice after running due diligence on your organization’s marketing activities.

Excellent Prediction

We use the data derived from BI tools to understand and intelligently predict the trends and change in your customer behavior and preferences.

What our clients say

Our clients are happy to tell us our BI solutions works magic for them because we provide both BI technical expertise and business domain expertise. They are fascinated at how our BI experts look at vital performance indicator across the breadth of their organization and provide the solutions they need.

At TechMantra, we collaborate with our customers to create a successful BI strategy that works both short-term and long-term. We leverage on Microsoft Power BI in driving better business decision for our clients.