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Want to turn data into decisions but not sure how? Enter Power BI! Power platform and tools allows enterprises to build on their data and deliver quick logics for the organisations. It also helps the companies to allow them to acquire leadership support to build partners and architecture to chart the growth. 

Power bi tools have your company realise its potential especially with the data visualisation. This is the solution you were looking for. It helps to integrate data silos and turn them into workable data models that integrate to deliver solutions. 

How does this work? 

Do you have data flow? But don’t know how to view it all at once to draw comparisons or understand the true potential of your company? Don’t worry, this is where Power BI solves your company’s issues.

Does your team have to manually collect the data points and then create reports and understand the trends. It is a time consuming process and is tedious, costing your organisation millions of dollars. 

Your organisation has spent months compiling the data manually, but how about dashboards that do it for you? A data source where you can splice and dice the data to understand the potential of your company, allowing you to replace reports with visualization. Power Bi solutions allow you to synthesize your data and analyse your organization’s end to end performance. Yes, that is how you make your data turn into decisions. 


The idea remains fairly simple – you store your company’s data and then you use Power BI to visualise the data and make reports using it. You need to ensure that your data is clean and with some calculation or a Power BI expert, which we highly recommend, you can work around the concept of visualising your data without any further delay. You must already know that everything tech works on SQL, but we are looking for something to store and retrieve the data. SQL helps to store data but doesn’t work on visualising level. And if you are already using SQL then you should know that it pretends to visualize the data, but doesn’t do that the way we would want it to. 

When you have SQL why POWER BI ? 

SQL gives us clean, calculated data and a place to store it. But we need to also report it because as a company how would we otherwise analyse the data. We have two options? 

Crystal Reports ( By SAP) or SSRS from Microsoft. Reporting tools cannot do much for you. They don’t have a brain of their own. However, SQL cannot do everything. Power BI helps organisations to define their revenues to name one of the many things it allows you to work on and allows you to work on enriched data visuals. 

Enrich your data ? How ?

Power Bi allows your organisation to create measures to build a story. It also allows you to make additional tasks to splice and dice the data. Power Bi also allows the user to build links between different tables to analyse the data. 

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