Salesforce Implementation

Salesforces is one of the best CRM software systems as proven by different headlines charting the journey of Salesforce. It has proven to be a success in market, but are you ready to try Salesforce?  Ready for Salesforce implementation?

Wondering if it really has the power to transform your business?

As a business leader, you can see vast changes with the easy and simple implementation of Salesforce in your enterprise. But if you are unsure about Salesforce, then this guide is for you! Decision makers are always looking for a plan to succeed, here is yours

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Before Salesforce Implementation

You need to partner with an expert consulting firm to make the process smoother. Don’t worry, we got your covered. TechMantra is an official partner of Salesforce, and we believe in your success as our own.

However, if you think your business can handle the implementation, which may be true, then this guide is for you. We would like to add, Salesforce implementation is costly when you don’t have the right tools or experts on your panel. If things go around, you might not have the professionals you need on board. With a faulty implementation, you will not be able to achieve a good ROI! So, we recommend that you hire a consultant to do the job seamlessly while you reap the benefits of good ROI.

Techmantra is a registered partner with Salesforce and will get your enterprise on the Salesforce System with easy implementation experts. Moreover, a Salesforce partnered firm, also brings the added benefits of a diverse team on the plate. These experts will ensure that your company doesn’t face any issues as you more to the better CRM. Techmantra is Salesforce Certified for your convenience,

Salesforce Implementation


Step 1:

As an enterprise you must identify your requirements from the project. Salesforce must add value to your company, which is why it is necessary that you identify your pain points in the company. Using Salesforce should make your everyday tasks easy and comprehensible for all team members.

We suggest that you understand the functionalities of Salesforce, but if you are confused, we can help you understand them too. This is a vital step from managers to team members and stakeholders. Your end users are the main component, and any business should identify the need for a CRM to ensure that your business grows better.

Step 2:

Identify which Salesforce services apply to your company, and ensure that you understand that each cloud will offer its own set of services. You need to prioritise your company’s goal, and ensure that your consultant knows what you want. But if you are unsure about the different cloud services offered by Salesforce, your consultant, such as Techmantra, can help you identify the services for you.


Step 3:

As you progress with Salesforce, you must understand the solutions these different clouds offer. Salesforce offers customized settings and configuration depending on your enterprise’s needs. Should you partner with us, Techmantra will appoint a Salesforce Architect to ensure your company’s needs are aligned with Salesforce Cloud Configuration.

Step 4:


An extremely crucial step in Salesforce implementation is Data Model. This would require you to build a prototype for your organisation. TechMantra ensures that you might all the above steps, but it also ensures that you are ready with a customizable dashboard that best suits your company.

Step 5:


Once you feel comfortable with the look and feel, you can go live.

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