Why Choose Salesforce ?

Cloud Computing Technologies have taken the world by a storm. Salesforce is one such technology that has had a profound impact on the computing world. But why should your organisation switch to salesforce? What can Salesforce do for your enterprise that no other technology can? 

Before Salesforce, CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems were difficult to use. Moreover, these systems used to take months to set up and the cost to the company was extremely high. Salesforce changed how CRM was being used. It became a service that was delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Additionally, salesforce is now the fifth largest company in the world. 

Why choose Salesforce? 

Cloud Computing and the ease to use the software has made Salesforce an easy to use software. It has not only reduced the cost but also changed the lengthy process to install the software. It has also reduced the cost by paying a subscription fee instead of paying for a long term contract or any other expensive licenses. 

One of the better reasons to opt for salesforce is that it allows the fastest route from Ideation to App. Any enterprise can concentrate on using salesforce tools, and building on it as they go : choosing the infrastructure that suits your organisational needs. This saves not only millions of dollars per year but also a lot of time. It is easy to use and effective because it can be customised as per the business needs. 

As long as you have access to the internet, Salesforce is accessible to anyone on the team. If your business is changing as the years are unfolding, Salesforce will change with you as it is completely scalable to your company’s growth. 

If you wish to use 3rd party apps, salesforce integrated well and you can also integrate it with your email accounts or your accounting softwares. On the other hand, other CRMs do not allow a seamless integration such as salesforce does. Considering salesforce’s vast capabilities, it is affordable, and can be used from Startups to small businesses. 

What does Salesforce offer? 

Salesforce has taken over the cloud computing world. Its competitors, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, have fallen behind. Today, many businesses are either using Salesforce or developing their apps by migrating to Salesforce. This has increased the demands for companies which offer to integrate Salesforce architecture into company’s system such as Techmantra. 

Looking to rule over Cloud, Social and mobile domains, then Salesforce is your answer. 

Salesforce Cloud : 

Salesforce Sales cloud enables your organisation to manage your sales. If your organisation deals with business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C), then Salesforce Sales Cloud is the software you need. 


Salesforce Marketing Cloud :

Are you a digital marketing company? One of the most powerful platforms, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you manage your emails, social media and your content. 

Salesforce Service Cloud: 

 If you have a big clientele and want to give them the best customer service, then Salesforce Service Cloud can make it easier for you to manage your customer service. You can track the conversations, and plug in your company’s social networks for easy analysis and tracking. 

Salesforce Community Cloud: 

The name says it all, or maybe it doesn’t. Community cloud allows you to seamlessly connect with your employees and partners for easy communication. It allows to share data in real time.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud: 

Irrespective of where your customer is located, Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to give your customer a good service experience. 


Salesforce Analytics Cloud:

Business intelligence allows you to work on your company’s data. The Analytics cloud provides the best business tools to develop graphs, charts and other representations of data. 

Salesforce App Cloud : 

Want to develop apps, App cloud gives you the tools to create apps that are need based and easy to integrate. 


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