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Security & Testing

Quality Security & Testing With TechMantra

The world today is undergoing a revolution and is shifting gears towards cloud and remote working. This makes data more accessible to hackers and vulnerable. It thus becomes extremely imperative that all data and resources associated with your systems be secure and your valuable data be protected. There are several key components to security that are as below:







Salesforce Spectrum

TechMantra Global specializes in data and information security and employs the latest tools to protect and safeguard your data and communication.

Helps save money


Quality of the product

Customer Satisfaction

Encourages Employee Excellence

Enhancing the development process

Establishing the performance

Our Offerings:

Enterprise AV

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Analysis

Security Audits

Gap Analysis

Data/Email Security


Testing is extremely critical technique used to determine if the actual product or application meets the expected requirements and specifications. In order to be sure that your product is defect free, you must get it tested. Testing refers to the process of evaluating any software application employing scripts, tools, or any test automation frameworks to identify errors. It helps teams resolve issues and release bug-free and robust software applications into the real world.

It is always better to ensure 100% quality to your customers! We test to make the applications comply. TechMantra specializes in manual and automation testing with Zero Production Defects & Quality Testing.

Application and Product Testing

Specialized Testing

Managed Testing

Quality Control