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TechMantra Successfully Launches Intranet Portal “The Hub” for Silal!

TechMantra is excited to announce the launch of a new intranet portal called “The Hub” for Silal. The portal went live recently, and it has already exceeded the client’s expectations by providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface for employees.

The project was led by our skilled team of SharePoint developers who went above and beyond to design and deliver a portal that combined segregated information from different platforms such as Oracle, into one unified view. Our portal design and implementation also included vital information display elements such as a leave balance, an event calendar, a dedicated news feed, a prayer timetable, social media links, a quick links tab, and even polls and surveys.

The solution we provided to Silal was designed keeping in mind their employee’s needs. The Interactive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for the employees to access important information, as well as complete their tasks efficiently, which otherwise would have been quite tedious and time-consuming.

Silal’s management was pleased with the results, as the solution helped them to enhance employee engagement and productivity. The employees also appreciate the convenience provided by the new intranet portal, and they have shown a great deal of enthusiasm towards the new platform.

TechMantra is proud of the hard work and dedication of our team in delivering a successful solution for Silal. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to our clients that cater to their unique business needs and help them achieve their goals. We look forward to continuing to work with Silal and other clients to bring more such solutions that are tailored to their requirements and enhance their overall performance.